Pickup and delivery dry cleaning is a fantastic service to anyone who could use the extra time during their busy lifestyles. Contact us at On The Go Laundry NYC for speedy service that you can depend on!
We are one of New York City’s most trusted dry cleaning companies. We cater to all your laundry and dry cleaning needs, whether it is your personal items or you operate a business. We service  the east side of Manhattan and offer both same day and next day delivery at several convenient times.
Pickup and delivery dry cleaning services for everyone:
Pickup and delivery dry cleaning NYC is ideal for everyone who is looking to save time while juggling their busy lifestyles. From professionals with no time to drop off clothing, to homemakers, to students, or simply people looking for a convenient, efficient way to have their garments cleaned, we are there for you.
You can register and create an account conveniently on our website, then simply choose the services you require and add your preferences. Whether you need wash and fold or dry cleaning, we can do it for you. You can also select from various additional preference to complete your laundry.  We offer tide detergent, fabric softener, low heat dry, separate whites/bleach and low heat drying to name a few. We offer express reorder which expedites the process.  All you need to do is select the date and time. It’s a seamless process.
Benefits of professional dry cleaning:
Fabrics are delicate, some more than others, and require extra care to keep them in the best condition possible. With professional dry cleaning at On the Go Laundry NYC, we offer you our expertise and suited machinery to ensure that all your delicate garments are washed and treated with the care they deserve.  
You can also enjoy the following with professional dry cleaning:

  • Maintaining clothes by ensuring buttons are replaced or fixed if they’re loose
  • Clothes are freshly ironed or steamed
  • Stain removal without damage to your garments
  • Clothes will be treated in the appropriate manner depending on the fabric 

With our professional dry cleaning service at On The Go Laundry NYC, you never have to spend time doing laundry or go through the hassle of carrying heavy bags to your nearest facility.  Never worry about clothing shrinking, losing texture, losing color or simply being damaged as a result of regular machine washing.
You can also have all of your bedding and linens done to obtain excellent like-new results.
Pick up and delivery dry cleaning will help you free up that extra time taken to carry it to and from the dry cleaner and ensure your garments are cleansed properly. We offer excellent, affordable prices and professional service. Book our reliable dry cleaning service today!